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Meet The Artist



Living Stone Fine Art is a passion project for me. I love how each stone is unique and beautiful.

I believe that if we look deeper at the people and the  world around us; we will discover the richness, and beauty that lies under the surface.  I hope my art encourages my viewers to look closer, to look with the eyes of their hearts and imaginations.


"Underneath the plain veneer of every stone is a hidden beauty carved out by nature and time.

Each one as unique as you and I.

God is the artist; I am the photographer."


My name is Valerie Woods and I am a photographer/landscape designer based in the Mid-Columbia region of Washington State. I am a wife, a mother, and an avid nature lover. I love to go camping off grid with my family, exploring, collecting rocks and enjoying God's creation! 

I grew up in the Seattle, Washington area but I spent the majority of my adult life living in Hawaii, Virginia Beach, VA and the OBX, North Carolina. I returned to Washington State in 2014. 


As a child,  my family would go on road trips, and   everywhere we went, we would show each other the prettiest rocks we could find. That set the foundation for my love of stone. 


My love of photography came from  my grandfather. He was my mentor, my biggest fan and my biggest critic. He taught me the art of photography and we shared that passion until he passed away a few years ago.  I have done portrait photography and wedding photography but I found my passion with Macro photography, where you take close up pictures of very small things. I took pictures of every little creature and flower I could find, even a few weeds and I loved it! I enjoyed capturing the fine details; a dragonflies face or a bees fuzz. It fascinates me! 


Eventually I turned my lens on stone when my husband built me a slate fountain. Poor man, he never imagined he would be living with rocks all over the house and yard for the rest of his days. I saw something interesting in the slate, took the picture and found an elephant in the stone. That was 13 years ago and I have been enjoying the treasure hunt ever since! 

I hope you love my pictures, they are a fascinating mix of nature, dramatic color, and contrast. I only print these with the finest canvas, fine art papers and archival inks so you will be able to enjoy them for generations to come!  My pieces are great conversation starters, just ask one question and watch people react;

What do YOU see? 

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