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Walking in the moonlight.

Don't you just love the quiet of the night? I love walking at night, the quiet peace, stars twinkling in the sky, and the moon shedding its soft glow on the Earth; It speaks to my spirit.

I've walked at night with my children since they were little and there's something magical about the dark. They open up their hearts in the quiet of our night walks and the conversation flows. I love to peak inside their hearts and minds as we walk, drawing closer under the stars.

My new art piece brings me back to Virginia Beach, VA where I used to take my oldest daughter to the beach at night to walk. The tide would be out and we would walk for miles along the crashing waves; moonlight guiding us. With my oldest daughter halfway across the world from me, those memories are close to my heart.

I hope you enjoy my new artwork as much as I do and it inspires you to take a walk under the glow of the moon.

Be blessed!


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